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Pereslavl Zalessky

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Pereslavl Zalessky   Pereslavl Zalessky 

The town was founded in 1152 by Prince Yury Dolgoruky as a fortress, defending the boundaries of Rostov-Suzdal County. In 1175-1302 it became the centre of Pereslavl County and than a part of Moscow County. Few cities can boast such a quantity of archeology, architecture and art monuments as Pereslavl can.

Pereslavl is a cradle of the first Russian fleet. In 1688-93 Peter I constructed on the bank of Pleshcheevo Lake a "funny fleet". Later “Botik of Peter I”, the museum-estate appeared here, at the same place where the fleet was founded.

Main attractions:
The Cathedral of Transfiguration of the Saviour of ÕII century is the most ancient temple of Pereslavl Zalessky and the earliest surviving monument of Vladimir-Suzdal architecture school.

Nikitsky Convent, the most ancient convent of Pereslavl, was founded in XII century in honour of Great martyr Nikita.

Goritsky Monastery erected in early XVI century was one of the richest and most famous monasteries and in XVI already it had a few stone constructions.

Fedorovsky Monastery according to the legend appeared in early ÕIV century. In the mid ÕVI century Tsar Ivan The Terrible founded here Fedorovsky Cathedral at his expense in honour of his son’s Tsarevitch Fedor birthday.

The Trinity–Danilov Monastery, one of the richest monasteries of Pereslavl was founded in the time of Great Prince Vasilij III in 1508.


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