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Spy Hunting

Spy Hunting

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Spy Hunting   Spy Hunting 

Spy Hunting is a game which requires real cohesion of the team. Every member of it takes an active part in the process of either exchanging paroles with a KGB agent or driving a military Jeep, or looking for cipher in the displays of the State Historical Museum and etc. Success of the team depends on every participant and only cohesion will lead to victory. The scenario offers activity in the very centre of Moscow with an escort of actors and real agents.

Main attractions:
Visiting such Moscow museums as the Kremlin, the State Historical Museum, KGB Museum, etc.

The en-route transportation includes such old Russian cars as Chaika, GAS or Pobeda, or military cars with police escort, as well as underground and ships.

Lunch in a restaurant with Russian cuisine which is also a part of this scenario.

Program ending with champagne in front of the Kremlin.

Awarding of winners by a KGB agent at Gala dinner.

The scenarios elaborated by us never resemble each other, they are unique. The task cards and game route maps are prepared by our company as well.


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