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Space Odyssey

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Space Odyssey   Space Odyssey 

Visiting the cosmonauts training centre Star City, experience of acceleration (zero gravity) in the biggest centrifuge in the world, working in the weghtlessness simulation tank (hydraulic laboratory), training to operate a spaceship in planetarium, trying a variety of training facilities – these are the parts of a Space Odyssey program.

Main attractions:
The biggest centrifuge in the world which makes it possible to simulate zero gravity and train the skills of a spaceship hand operation in the true acceleration conditions.

Hydraulic laboratory of zero gravity conditions where the cosmonauts gain experience of working in the open space.

Experience of weightless conditions during the flight in “Ilyushin-76 MDK” wide-board airplane.

Astronavigation Complex.

Having a chat with a cosmonaut who has been to space.

Tasting of some real space food .

Our company is organizing watching the spaceship taking off at Baikonur and having a chat with cosmonauts being in space.


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