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A Course of a Young Soldier

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A Course of a Young Soldier   A Course of a Young Soldier 

This activity program takes place inside an active division of the Russian army which is situated within a 40 min drive from Moscow. The program gives an opportunity to feel yourself a real Russian soldier, to take a course of a true military training, to witness a Special Forces show, to taste soldier meals, as well as to visit the armour museum which contains the collection of 318 items of various hardware from all over the world.

Main attraction:
Firing a variety of arms: Kalashnikov automatic small arms (assault rifle), Makarov gun, Dragunov sniper rifle, handhold antitank grenade cup discharge and many others.

Riding a tank: T-64, Ò-72, BMP-2 or IS-3 (Iosif Stalin).

Surmounting an obstacle course: a tower with a rope, mining and blowing up a railway, throwing hand grenades, overcoming a 5 meter wall, etc.

Special Forces show.

Takeover of a building by paratroopers.

Parachute training.

Visiting soldier casernes.

Army meal, army mobile kitchen is used.

Visiting the armour museum.

The scenario of the program “The Course of a Young Soldier” is a proper elaboration of the Russkaya Storona Company which presupposes the fulfillment of a given task written in the cards handed to the members of the game by soldiers and officers of a military unit during the whole program.


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