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Russian Baths Sanduny

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Russian Baths Sanduny   Russian Baths Sanduny 

Sandunovskie Baths existed already in XVIII century and were called so in honour of Sila Nikolaevich Sandunov, an actor at court of Catherine II in 1790s.
The complex of modern buildings was finished by 1896 under the project of the architect B.V. Freidenberg.

The facades and interiors are done in the eclectic using elements of other styles: baroque, Moresque classicism, Renaissance, Gothic, rococo and also of the fabric style. By the interior mounting were used materials brought from Europe, in particular Italian and Norwegian marble, tile and floor tile from England, Germany, Swiss.

Main attractions:
Every room of Sanduny baths has its own unique interior, there is a spacious general hall in Gothic style, comfortable and impressive due to its decoration Turkish hall, Antique swimming-pool and the Hairdressing salon almost unique in its decor.

The guests always can use carefully selected birch, oak, fir and eucalyptus besoms and such necessary for bath accessories as felted hats, mittens, rugs etc. and also various extracts to give to the bath the unique fragrance.

At your service are individual professional sweaters, hairdressers, cosmetologists, washermen and masseurs, manicure and pedicure.

The restaurant Sanduny offers the best dishes and beverages of Russian cuisine: nastoyka “Sandunovskaya of horse-radish with honey”, famous goose a la Sandunovsky, pork on honey with a buckwheat cereal, sauerkraut and ceps, vareniki with a cherry, and also dishes of Oriental and European cuisine: foie gras with fried grapes and ten years' port, Uzbek pilaw and shish kebab.

Daily from 8.00 to 22.00.

Vladimir Giljarovsky said this bath was visited as early as in Griboedov's and Pushkin's time. On Sunday Shaljapin visited the bath to escape from numerous admirers.


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