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Paintball in Russia   Paintball in Russia 

Paintball is a technical extreme sport game imitating transient fire contacts in a limited area. Special pneumatic guns are used in the game markers firing with balls with paint.

Our company offers to organize team games joyous, dynamical competitions which quickly and effectively involve people in game, and also allow to feel advantages of command work, create an esprit de corps and enable to reveal creative potential of each of participants.

One of the most frequently asked questions in paintball is whether the game is really safe. All age categories, men and women, children too enjoy playing paintball, and short of casual bruises and rough infringements of the safety precautions, nobody has ever been injured.

Main attractions:
The most popular scenarios are the following: team at team, capture the flag, reincarnation, top gun, village takeover, President, terminator, guardsmen, mutants, rescue of hostages.

All necessary gear is provided for the game period: markers with pressurized gas and paintballs, goggles, outfit (in winter water-and-wind-proof), kneecaps, gloves with protection.

Warm indoor grounds up to 2000 square m and open-air areas including lighted are located within the centre of the city and in the suburbs. Forestland, deserted factories and villages provide with places for unforgettable competitions. All areas are equipped with comfortable heated cloakrooms and shower-rooms with hot water.


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