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MiG Flights

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MiG Flights   MiG Flights 

Flights in MiG fighters (of different modification) are controlled by the first class test-pilots, instructors having all permits. On coming to the airfield there’s a short briefing held to discuss the flight plan and the means of communication during the flight. The medical examination ascertains the physical condition from the point of view of flight load tolerance. According to the results the pilot-instructor is reported the flight load limits. The currently in force flight license makes the medical examination more simple.
During the pre-flight training and instruction there’s an emergency ejection drill and the height-oxygen fly gear fitting.

Main attractions:
MiG–29. To serve in the Air Forces of Russia, MiG-29 is one of the most up-to-date military tactical fighters. Worked out to secure the air superiority, fighter MiG-29 was added to armoury in 1985. One of the most advanced in the world, it is equipped by turbojets, possesses excellent aerodynamics and tremendous review from a cockpit that makes it extremely effective in the air fight (and also for flights of brave tourists). MiG-29 is operational in more than 20 countries worldwide. In this jet you can try grasping "air acrobatics" - to experience overloads of aerobatic manoeuvres. That isn't the Roller Coaster!

MiG–25. MiG-25 is the first in the world serial fighter which has made 3000 km/h. Only MiG-25 can deliver you to the height of 25-28 thousand meters to the stratosphere - to the border of space, and only here you can witness, that the Earth is really round, and above your head there is no more that transparent-blue sky, but black chasm - space. MiG-25 is the supersonic interceptor flying faster and higher than other military jets. Having been added to armoury in the 60s, this model is constantly used not only in Russia, but continue to be successfully operated by numerous air forces worldwide. Its speed three times exceeds sonic speed, and the height of flight in general is unique.

MiG-23. It is a light multi-purpose all-weather front tactical fighter with changeable in flight wing sweep. Arms: one gun of 23 mm, guided missiles of the air-air class, aerial bombs, uncontrollable jet shells. The maximum flight speed is 2500 km/h.
MiG-23, in terms of NATO 'Flogger', is further developed version of one of the best aircrafts of its time - MiG-21. Advanced aerodynamics, electronics and arms have allowed the user to battle as equals with American F-15A and F-16A in the sky above Lebanon in 1982, in Afghanistan and Persian Gulf.

L-39. L-39 is a two-seat trainer which serves for flights in good and bad weather conditions day and night and for aerobatic manoeuvres as well. In a front part of a fuselage hermetic cockpits are located. Cockpits are equipped by the complete set of the oxygen equipment and have central air conditioning that provides the crew with comfortable working conditions at a big height and allows the pilots to undergo all operational overloads easily at use of special equipment. The maximum speed is 910 km/h.

SU-30. SU-30 is a two-seat modification of SU-27. Fighter-interceptor SU-30 can make hours-long patrol flights (more than 10 hours-long) with numerous refuellings in the air; be used as the leader of group capable to fight independently in the air; control actions of fighters in groups. The maximum speed of flight is 2125 km/h.

After the flight all the members are awarded a certificate, confirming the fact of the flight and its showing (speed, height and etc.).

MiG Flights are provided in the airdrome Ramenskoe (town of Zhukovsky, Gromov Test-flight Center, 35 km away from Moscow).


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