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Jeep tours in Russia

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Jeep tours in Russia   Jeep tours in Russia 

Our company offers to experience unforgettable off-road adventures in the vast expanses of Russia! You’ll feel yourself an earliest explorer discovering unknown lands. Accompanied by your friends you’ll undergo all severe trials and in the end taste the real victory!

There are one-, two-, or three-day tours various in complication 200 - 2000 km by extent starting with tours of asphalt and soil roads up to wood-, front-, deserted roads with bridges, self-made ferries, fords through dozens of rivers, streams and bogs.

Carefully picked up routes run by monuments of history and culture, ancient villages, fortifications of the Great Patriotic war, deserted iron mines and footrill, churches. All this is surrounded by the magnificent landscapes of Russian nature.

You can drive your own vehicle or hire specially equipped cars “Niva” or “UAZ” accompanied by the experienced instructors, acting driver or navigator. Nights are usually spent in wood or guest houses (tourist centers).

Main attractions:
“Jeep-orienteering”. One has to find treasure driving the all-wheel car. Orienteering can be of several kinds: by satellite GPS-navigator, by map, by legend, by description, by area pictures or any combination of these kinds. All depends on the number of people in the car and the participants’ skills.

“Car racing on ice” is held in winter period on the lake surface.

“Jeep-trial”. Using the all-wheel car one has to undergo the off-road without hitting the flags.

“Ford, ditch, bridge”. It’s the tour to undergo the relief or water obstacle according to the prescribed trajectory (depends on the area).

To take part in the tour we provide with modern tourist gear: comfortable tents to sleep, shower-tent, WC-tent, sleeping bags, mobile bath.

Three-meals a day: professional cook, Russian and European cuisines (fresh fish and meat, wood mushrooms, shashlik and mulled wine in the open air).


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