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Hunting with Hounds

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Hunting with Hounds   Hunting with Hounds 

The program takes place on the bank of the Moskva-river close to the Borodino field and Luzhezky Monastery, the famous architecture and history monument of 14 century. Hunting with hounds is a sort of Russian Hunting which is based on traditions and customs of 19 century and includes horseback hunting with hounds, lunch with blinis, mulled on fire according to old Russian recipes strong drinks and entertainment program. One can hardly describe it, you should live it through, breathe in fresh icy air of winter morning, drink Stirrup’s Wineglass handed over by a young lady dressed in 19 century gown.

Main attractions:
Meeting with Bread and Salt.

More than 40 thoroughbred horses, specially trained for the coursing, the best in Moscow pack of greyhounds.

Irrespective of horseback riding skills safety hunting.

Lunch outdoors with traditional Russian dishes and tea from samovars warmed on fire and wonderful folklore show.

Riding in Russian carriage “troika” to the Luzhezky Monastery and an excursion there.

The hunting won’t be trophy, the goal of the program isn’t to catch an animal but to find yourself in 19 century Russia even though for one day only. Coming out more likely reminds the Russian nobility surveying their estates escorted by greyhounds.


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