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Tavrichesky Palace
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Tavrichesky Palace

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Tavrichesky Palace   Tavrichesky Palace 

The Tavrichesky Palace is ideally situated in the centre of the city, in an area rich in cultural diversity and with numerous shops and visitor attractions.

Its history starts when Gregory Potemkin (Potemkin-Tavrichesky) after his victory over the Crimea was named Prince of Taurida, and Catherine the Great then hired the noted Russian architect I. E. Starov to design a palace using themes from ancient Greece and Rome to present it to her favourite. Completed in 1789, the Taurida Palace was starkly neoclassical with symmetrical rows of columns. It boasted vast gardens, ponds and pavilions. Prince Potemkin gave grand balls and parties in this palace.

The Palace was reconstructed in the beginning of the twentieth century. Now called the Tavrichesky Palace, it serves as headquarters for the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Events: gala dinner, cocktail, conferences and meetings.

The Dumsky Hall: up to 1200 persons.
The Conference halls: 420 seats in three halls.
The Ekaterininsky Hall: up to 1000 persons.


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