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St.Petersburg Museums

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Alexander Nevsky Laura
Church of Our Saviour on Split Blood
Cruiser Aurora
Kazan Cathedral
Kunstkammer (Chamber of Curiosities)
Menshikov's Palace
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Peter and Paul Fortress
Peter the Great's Cottage
St. Isaac's Cathedral
State Museum of Urban Sculpture
State Russian Museum
Yusupov Palace
Zoological Museum

Yusupov Palace

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Yusupov Palace   Yusupov Palace 

Located on the embankment of the Neva river, it used to be a mansion that belonged to count P.Shuvalov in the mid XVIII. In 1830 the mansion became the property of prince N.Yusupov, one of the wealthiest people in Russia. The Yusupovs accumulated a valuable collection of paintings, sculptures and items of applied art in their palace. On December night, 16 of 1916 G.Rasputin was murdered here by prince Yusupov and others.

Main attractions:
Impressive Oak dining area with a spacious reception room, guest room, silver alcove, white pillar room, imposing colonnade.

Home theatre hall in the baroque style. Concerts are held in this hall, musicians sometimes play the old instruments from the Yusupov's collection.

Daily 11:00 17:00. Excursions are held hourly.


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