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Church of Our Saviour on Split Blood
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Church of Our Saviour on Split Blood

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Church of Our Saviour on Split Blood   Church of Our Saviour on Split Blood 

The Temple of the Resurrection of Christ, also named the Church of the Saviour on Split Blood, was designed by architects A.A.Parland and I.V.Makarov in the style of the Russian churches of the 16th -17th centuries and constructed in 1881 at the Griboyedov Canal, the place of the murder of Tsar Alexander II. It took more than a quarter of the century to complete the construction and the decoration of the Cathedral. The height of the cathedral is 79,8 metres; its bells were made in Finland. The main bell weighs 1.100 pounds.

Main attractions:
Icons painted by outstanding Russian artists M.Nesterov and V.Vasnetzov.

Splendid colourful mosaics displaying episodes from the Bible decorate the Southern and Northern entrances. The sketches for the mosaics were made by famous artists A.Ryabushkin, N.Koshelev, N.Shakhovskaya and others.

The exterior of the Cathedral amazes with its colour spectrum; it is decorated with tiles, glazed figurate bricks and its cupolas are covered with glittering enamel.

Daily 11:00 18:00. Closed: Wednesdays.


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