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Russian Village of Shuvalovka

Russian Village of Shuvalovka

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Russian Village of Shuvalovka   Russian Village of Shuvalovka 

The Russian village of Shuvalovka is situated in a 30 min drive from St. Petersburg on the road to Peterhoff not far from the Konstantinovsky Palace.
A few centuries ago, in 1714, according to the order of Peter I this land on the bank of the Finland Gulf was handed over for the use. There were five settlements in here, one of which was the village with a Finnish name “Korkuli”. Time passed, some of the famous owners of the estate changed, one of them was Count Ivan Shuvalov. Unfortunately, there’s only the name and the land itself that housed his expansive estate that remained. But lately there has been found in the archives the project of the village of Shuvalovka, and today the village is to be seen in its almost original state.

Main attractions:
Masliany Lug (Butter Meadow). Masliany Lug is the perfect site for active recreation, featuring costumed festivals, popular sports tournaments, fairs and music events all year round. On coming to Shuvalovka at Christmas, New Year's Eve or Shrove-Tide, a skating rink, sledding hills, Trojka and horseback riding, and a round dance around Christmas tree are to be enjoyed. Here there are skates and sledges to hire.

The Traditional Peasant Hut is a true copy of the peasant’s house of the Novgorod province of the late 17 century. The interior was fully reconstructed to all small details together with the Russian Ethnography Museum.

The Crafts Center has all the arts and crafts of Russia on display. Such traditional Russian crafts connected with Orthodox religious holidays like making rustic toys, jewelry, or talismans from bast, birch bark, willow twigs, or beads are to be learned here.

The Vodka Theatre. Here there are different sorts of “ratafia” to taste. It’s a spicy vodka drawn on various berries and herbs by Old Russian recipes. Tasting is accompanied with folklore performance and traditional toasts proposing.

Blacksmith's and Potter's Workshops. Two separate peasant huts standing next to each other are the domain of craftsmen who forge, mold, or paint wonderful things.

The Windmill, built according to an old drawing of the mid XVIII century (from Count Shuvalov's archives). Its traditional name is “stolbovka” (i.e. windmill on the pillar).

The Koshel Hotel. The hotel building is a very copy of the Russian log of the north-west regions of Russia of the early 18 century. There are more than 20 double rooms and suites as well in here.

The Sobranie Restaurant and the Ladya Bar – a true copy of the Novgorod ladya of the late 16 century.

From 10.00 to 22.00 daily.


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