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Boat Trips Along Channels
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Boat Trips Along Channels

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Boat Trips Along Channels   Boat Trips Along Channels 

St. Petersburg was founded 300 years ago by Peter the Great, the first Russian emperor, on the banks of the river Neva and the Finn gulf. Its location contributed to the division of the city into numerous islands by rivers and channels, which is the reason why it is sometimes called the "Northern Venice". Take a boat trip along the channels and catch a glimpse of the splendid views of the glorious city.

Main attractions:
Boat trips will take you along the beautiful rivers praised by many Russian classics - Fontanka, Moika, Griboedov Chanal, Krukov Chanal, Winter ditch, Swan ditch and the main river of the city – the Neva.

The famous Anetchkin bridge, decorated with sculptures made by Klodt, the Izmailovsky (Troitsky) Cathedral erected by architect V.Stasov, St.Nicolas Cathedral and the famous New Holland based on 2 islands, Saint Isaac’s square and Cathedral, the Mariinsky palace, Nevsky prospect, Palace square, The Hermitage, the Marc field, the Sumer garden and the Engineer castle will definitely please your eye.


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