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In comparison with Moscow, St. Petersburg is a young and small in area extent city, though it has unique, unforgettably attractive Environs, palaces and parks. Glittering and imposing they were once homes of Imperial family and of Russia’s most splendid nobility. Palaces stand in expansive parks, dotted with ponds fountains and statues.

The Summer Garden, a pearl in the garden necklace of Petersburg, is one of the places where one can feel the atmosphere of Peter-s time as its original planning still remains. The Summer Palace of Peter the Great laid out according to the project by Domenico Trezzini in 1714 has never been rebuilt and suffered no damage during the Great Patriotic War.

The Mikhailovsky Palace was designed and built by Carlo Rossi — a brilliant architect who created the largest Empire architectural ensembles. The architect managed to reach the harmony between the palace building and the landscape and architecture surrounding.

Restaurants with refined interiors and cuisine and Museums, reflecting the spirit of St. Petersburg and preserving its short but interesting history.


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