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Museum-Estate Arhangelskoe

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Museum-Estate Arhangelskoe   Museum-Estate Arhangelskoe 

The central part of the Museum-Estate Arhangelskoe represents the expansive park (occupying 14 hectares).
Two Terraces, the Upper and the Lower were created according to the project of the Italian architect D. Trombaro and redecorated in 1829 by the architect V. Dregalov.

The Upper Terrace of the regular park is situated to the south of the palace. It’s equal in width to the Great Palace (70 m). The Upper Terrace is surrounded by the high walls of larches, planted in 1820s. In the center there’s a sculpture ensemble “Hercules and Antej” in the axled path. There are marble vases on the terrace balustrade, and the statues of women decorating the staircase in its middle, together with figures of lions and dogs.

In the center of the Lower Terrace park composition there’s a fountain “Cupid with dolphins” of Italian work, to the side of the stalls there are sculptures “Diana with a doe” and “Apollo of Belvedere” (copies of antiques). The Lower Terrace, twice as long as (153 m) and three times as narrow (24 m) as the Upper one frames the bottom of the palace. The balustrade of the Lower Terrace is decorated with 44 marble busts of antique heroes, philosophers, emperors and military leaders – thus, of the famous men of the past. The staircase goes down to the Lower Terrace to the Green grass-carpet stalls. It makes the grotto with the paired emblems at the entrance, and in the heart of the grotto there’s an XVIII century marble copy of the antique Venus de’Medici.

Events: gala dinner, cocktail, presentation party.

”Cladovaya nad Ovragom”: seated dinner up to 50 persons.
The Colonnade: seated dinner up to 60-70 persons.
The Upper Terrace: seated dinner up to 200 persons.
The Lower Terrace: seated dinner up to 2500 persons.


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