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Savva-Storozhevsky Monastery   Savva-Storozhevsky Monastery 

Zvenigorod is one of the most ancient cities of Moscow region, famous for its nature landscape beauty and the most precious monuments of Old Russian architecture. It might have been founded by Yury Dolgoruky in 1152. It was first mentioned in the last will of Ivan Kalita of 1336.

Within 1.5 km from the city there’s Savva-Storozhevsky Monastery, one of the most respected of Russian sacred places. The monastery itself was founded in the late XIV century on the order of Yury, the second son of Dimitry Donskoy. In XVII century the monastery was a favourite place for pilgrimage and hunting of Tsar Aleksej Mikhajlovich, his family and suite. Then, the founder of the monastery, Savva Storozhevsky, the disciple of Sergey Radonezhsky was proclaimed a Saint.

Main attractions:
The Nativity Cathedral of 1405 served as centre for other constructions to be built. The Cathedral boasts the fragments of frescos of the early XV century painted by the artists of Andrei Rublev school, and frescos of XVII century.

The Holy Trinity Gate Church, built in 1652 is one of the last hip-roofed monuments in Russia, the construction of which was later prohibited due to the special order of Patriarch Nikon.

The Palace of Aleksej Mikhajlovich. The length of this building is 100 m. It was built in 1650-1654 and more than once reconstructed in XVII and XVIII centuries. The largeness of the palace is connected to the fact that on pilgrimage the tsar was followed by his suite of about 500 persons.

The Bell Tower was constructed in the mid-XVII century. It is the highest building of the monastery that can be viewed from far away.

Savva’s cell built in 1862 not far from the cave where Saint Savva spent time praying.


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