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Star City

Star City

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Star City   Star City 

“Star City” stands for the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre. It lies at a 50 kilometre distance to the surburbs of Moscow. The place appeared in the early 1960s as part of the Soviet Air Force. Since then the Star City has grown enormously. 10.000 people live and work here today. The Star City's experience in training astronauts from all over the world makes it really invaluable for the International Space Station. More than 60 foreign cosmonauts have taken special training courses here. The Star City, which once was a top secret establishment, is now open for visitors and offers a great range of entertainment services.

Main attractions:
The exact copy of the orbiting space station Mir, drowned in the Pacific Ocean.

Hydro laboratory. The huge 12 m deep pool with the diameter of 23 m contains the models of orbiting space stations as well as the space ship “Soyuz” on the very bottom. Here cosmonauts train before being launched into the outer space and learn to live and work in the conditions of zero-gravity.

The biggest in the world space centrifuge to model overcharging.


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