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St. Daniel Monastery and Cemetery

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St. Daniel Monastery and Cemetery   St. Daniel Monastery and Cemetery 

St. Daniel Monastery is the first one in Moscow, founded by Saint Prince Daniel of Moscow not later than in 1282. St. Daniel monastery took part in many historical events during 700 years of its existence. On the grave of St. Daniel there were miracles and cases of healing people. In the 17-th century the holy miracle-working remains of St. Prince Daniel were founded and he was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church and became one of the most popular Russian saints. Now the monastery looks like it was created in XVII-XIX centuries. It is considered to be the spiritual center of the Russian Orthodox Church. There is the official residence of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexiy II.

Main attractions:
The oldest cathedral, the Cathedral of Holy Fathers of Seven Ecumenical Councils, built under the ruling of the Tsar Joann the Terrible, includes several churches and after the period of restoration there is iconostasis of the Kostroma school, which dates back to the XVII century.

The St. Trinity cathedral, built in 1838 by the architect O.Bove in the style of late classicism, is the largest one in the monastery. The main altar was sanctified by saint metropolitan of Moscow Filaret (Drosdov). There are two miracle-working icons there: "Three - handed Mother of God" and the icon of the Rightean John of Rome.

Many prominent people of the Russian culture were buried in the cemetery of St. Daniel monastery: great Russian writer N.V.Gogol, a poet N.M.Yazikov, a painter V.G.Perov, a musician N.G.Rubinstein and many others.


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