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Time after time the cultures of different countries suffer changes, that’s the way the history goes. On the territory of Russia the monuments of different cultural and political epochs are preserved in their original state: there’s no need to enumerate architecture and painting masterpieces created on the territory of Russia, they have already won the world fame and their grandeur can for sure compete with those of Old Europe sights that puts Incentive in Russia on the list of most interesting incentive travel destinations.

Russia, with its rich history and new opportunities, offers unique venues for conferences and meetings, incentive programs and cultural entertainment.

Over 10 years of experience in the international tourism industry and transport service, a broad network of partner organisations and a keen desire to share the most amazing cultural monuments of Russia with the world forms the basis of our work. Our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable and inspiring setting for our clients visiting Russia. Our unique combination of warm Russian hospitality and sophisticated business skills helps us create unforgettable programs.

Fascinated with the Space? Interested in what “real KGB agent” may experience? Would like to know how Russian soldier is trained? Choose “Space Odyssey”, “Spy Hunting” or “A Course of a Young Soldier” programs of Russkaya Storona. Listed above are just examples of our special offers but not everything our company is famous for…

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